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Page 1 a100 analog modular system operating instructions doepfer musikelektronik gmbh version for a100 cases with a100psu2 or a100psu3 2016. For mobile use also portable suitcase versions of the a100 cases are available. Dark energy ii doepfer dark energy ii audiofanzine. The complete a100 users guide is available for download on our website. Doepfer intros dark energy iii analog synthesizer synthtopia. As soon as the a100psu2 are used up only cases with a100psu3 will be available. If you dream of a sea of patch cables, oscillators, and filters, you need the doepfer a100p9. It is a practical, lowcost solution to get you up and running with your modular setup. Installation affects parts, pc boards and cables that conduct mains voltage 230115v. It was never planned to permanently sell clones of the doepfer psu. Id prefer the dc jack on the backside, instead of the left side, and maybe doepfer will change that in the future. Particularly if the space is slow in a smaller project studio, both cases can be stowed away in a free corner and are quickly dismantled and dismantled as required. Personal attacks, insults, and bad faith criticism of other posters equipment or music will not be tolerated.

Base frame for modular system a100, height 6 u, usable width. Your music is important to you, and doepfer can help you make it the best it can be. Synthetiseur analogique en rack doepfer dark energy ii. Also, im including a mutable instruments volts for 5v power on any one row in the. The latest versions of a and 1 are equipped with the highend vca circuits ssm2164v2164 a and that2159v2159sa2159 a1. The cheap way into eurorack modular synths on a budget duration. Technical details a100 the principles of voltage control what makes analogue synthesizers and modular systems in particular special is that the important parameters of the sound sources vco, noise, etc. The bus cables of original a100 modules manufactured by doepfer are equipped with suitable bus cables since 2012.

Inside the removable cover there is sufficient space to carry the system completely patched or to move patch chords and the power cable valid only for original a100 patch cables, for cables from other manufacturers with larger jack plugs there might be not sufficient space, actually about 50 mm space are available. It features 14 tracks, which were produced using a wide range of old and new synthesizers, including a huge a100 system. Doepfer a100p9 eurorack travel case with power supply. Various configurations are available and the new emis catalogue lists doepfer a100 systems based on classic analogue modular wallpaper systems such as the roland system 700, moog 15, 35, 55 and 3c and an arp 2600 configuration. The case has an iec connector in the back and a power switch including a fuse holder. This website uses cookies, which are necessary for the technical operation of the website and are always set. Page 2 internal cv input for frequency 1voctave connected wave oscillator not as precise as the vco but much better than most of the other filters to the a100 bus via jumper, the jumper can be used to interrupt this internal connection if not wanted. Also, fair warning to all racism, sexism, hate speech, or harassment of any sort will result in an instant and permanent ban. Doepfer universal power supply psu3 modular systems. Mounting fee for one module fee for mechanical mounting of one module, connection to the bus board and testing within the system.

The psu2 uses a ringcore transformer and produces much less mechanical and electrical hum noise. Doepfer says that the starter system 1 a100bss1 is a combination of modules that does not follow the typical synthesizer path. Dron has released their latest album comm on the us label carpe sonum. Jan 22, 2018 doepfer intros dark energy iii analog synthesizer ahead of the 2018 namm show, doepfer has announced the dark energy iii, the latest in their dark energy series of analog synthesizers. The doepfer a100 basic system 1 p6 psu3 is a comprehensive, analog modular system comprised of some of the best eurorack modules doepfer has to offer. Gently used doepfer a100 mini eurorack case painted greenthis little guy mounts up to 32hp worth of modules, maximum allowed current draw. Base frame in the case three rows with 84 hp each for the installation of modules, 3x 3 h3, usable depth for a100 modules. Doepfer s a100 analog modular system brings back all the flexibility and oldschool programming of vintage modular synthesis but the a100 is new and comes with some modern features.

Psu3 solves the issue of the older versions not having quite enough power available or no 5v from the psu2. Doepfer psu2 a100 eurorack modular power supply reverb. After the inital era of bob moog not that his era has passed, dieters release of the successful a100 modular system has recieved high acceptance amongst artists such as kraftwerk and others, which historically speaking helped to spawn a 2nd synth boom. It is essential to take careful note of the following safety instructions. This case includes the psu2 power supply, plus an additional psu2 external power supply for one row. No personal attacks please keep comments constructive. Doepfer is a leader in eurorack technology, and sweetwater can confirm the a100p9 eurorack case is designed for longterm reliability and ruggedness. The price can be found in the price list in the section a100 accessories. Page 1 doepfer system a100 synthesizer voice a1115 1. I start my modular which is doepfer a100lc9 with psu2, wait 20 min, calibrate oscillator and then after next 20 minutes it goes out of tune. Jan 19, 2015 doepfer intros a100 eurorack modular synthesizer starter system at the 2015 namm show, doepfer will introduce the a100 starter system a100bss1.

Doepfer a100 lc6 case 6he psu3, original doepfer case, untreated no paint andor lacquer body constructed from raw wood, external dimensions. Doepfer lc9 a100 low cost eurorack case custom finish. For 20 years or so the a110 has been the companys basic voltagecontrolled oscillator. The a100 modular system is based on the international standard 19 rack system din 41494 iec 2973 ieee 1001. The prices for the a100 accessories you find in the price list in the section a100 accessories or in the section spare parts as we are not an electronic distributor the prices for spare parts are high compared to the prices of. Full text of doepfer a100 catalogue internet archive. Page 1 a100 analog modular system operating instructions doepfer musikelektronik gmbh version for a100 cases with a100psu2 or a100psu3 2016 page 2 warning. Full text of doepfer a100 catalogue see other formats. His voice modular system from the early 1980s was a eurocardbased modular the modules were nonpatchable voice cards etc.

Doepfer a100 analog modular synthesizer hq demo youtube. In addition you can find out if an a100psu3 or psu2 is installed by looking at the pictures of. Even they are able to process slowly varying control voltages as they have dc coupled signal inoutputs. This can be retrofitted to upgrade older doepfer cases and is a direct replacement for the older a100nt12 or a100 psu2. Just like the classic moog, arp, emu, buchla, serge, and roland modular synthesizers of the sixties and seventies, the a100 system is a true analog system. The doepfer a100 system and modules have been available for a while now and is building up quite a reputation. As the price for five pcbs is almost the same as for 25 boards, i decided to produce a miniseries and sell the superfluous power supplies. Some basic sounds from the doepfer a100 mini system. Items must be returned in original, asshipped condition with all original packaging. Which modules access cv and gate of the a100 bus english. Does not include cables, mains inlet, power switch, fuse and mounting material screws, spacers, nuts, washers, up to four bus boards can be connected to the a100psu3. Some suppliers offer their settings as download on their webpage. The doepfer a100 basic system 1 g6 psu3 is a comprehensive, analog modular system comprised of some of the best eurorack modules doepfer has to offer.

Aware that there were more possibilities for vco modules, doepfer have very helpfully now released three new versions. In 1996, doepfer musikelektronik released the first eurorackformat modular synthesizer system, the doepfer a100, followed by. Primarily intended for use with the doepfer a100 bus boards but can be used with many other passive bus boards. View online or download doepfer a100 series user manual, manual. Thats a grand total of 2400ma for the three rows in the case.

Doepfer a1101 standard vcomodule a1101 is a voltagecontrolled oscillator. Important notes for a100 power supply installation doepfer. This is ideal for someone just getting started in the eurorack world. Although it only had 10 modules at time of release, it currently has more than 120 modules plus several different enclosures and accessories. Of course i contacted doepfer and asked for permission. Doepfer a100 operating instructions manual pdf download. Perfect for beginners or seasoned modular users, the doepfer a100 bs1 is the simplest way to get into modular, with carefully selected modules from the a100 range you get a fully featured two oscillator modular system with two filters, ring mod, audio divider, waveform processor, mixers, exponential and linear vcas, random generator, sample. Having used a psu2 in a p9 i always felt a bit restricted by the limit on power, but loved its reliability and cleanliness. Who already has a luggage version of the a100 is equipped with this substructure for enlargement best. This should be enough for most duties however if youre running loads of tiny digital modules or particula.

The doepfer a100 is an analog modular synthesizer system introduced by german audio manufacturer doepfer in 1995. Doepfer 3 x 84hp p9 suitcase old version with psu2. Before using any part of the instrument, read these instructions and notes carefully. The album is available as download or as limited edition cd only 300 copies. The ca algorithm a 2d system for this piece was programmed in bbc basic on an ancient acorn risc machine. Cost per hp is good vs the typical 2x104 cases that cost more than this one, its nice quality and built to take a beating, not that i would recommend that. Because you are dealing with low dc voltage and not mains voltage it is suitable for diy case installations.

Sorry for digging out old topic, but i have exactly same behaviour, but i am using xaoc devices karl marx stadt shield doepfer diy synth with tempco. Other cookies, which increase the comfort when using this website, are used for direct advertising or to facilitate interaction with other websites and social networks, are only set with your consent. Raw voltage doepfer a100mc mini case raw a100mc minature wooden case, unpainted 3u useable width. Doepfer a100g6 fully functional and in very good condition, only minor scratches. After looking at the latest synth modules from analogue systems last month, i thought id get. Doepfer intros a100 eurorack modular synthesizer starter system. Important notes for a100 power supply installation installation of the power supply has to be carried out by authorized personnel only who are familiar with all valid safety rules and guarantee the adherence of these rules. We proudly stand behind doepfer products because we know that they deliver outstanding quality and bang for the buck. Doepfer psu2 eurorack modular power supply for a100 and all other eurorack modular systems for sale in excellent used condition. Opto fets are very similar to vactrols but use light depending field effect transistors fets instead of light depending resistors ldrs. Doepfer a1101 standard vco doepfer modularsynthesizers.

Has been replaced by a version with stronger power supply in january 2016. Plus, with sweetwater s awardwinning service and support, if you should ever have a question about doepfer products, were here to help. The dark energy iii is a monophonic standalone synthesizer with usb and midi interface. Doepfer a100mc mini eurorack case a100 series reverb.

Arp2600, doepfer a100, concussor, eurorack modular with. Reverb is the marketplace for musicians to buy and sell used, vintage, and new music gear online. Doepfer a100 low cost base psu2 cheap and cheerful doepfer low cost base case. Before using any part of the instrument, read these. If youre building a system, you cant go too far wrong with these cases, they stack beautifully together in the studio and are always ready to go with their flight case type build. Temporarily the a100 cases will be available in both versions i. Version for a100 cases with a100psu2 or a100psu3 2016. The frame has a a strong power supply and two busboards, each with 14. Doepfer a100psu3 powersupply12 v5v switching supplysuitable for qualified personnel only because of electrical safety dangerous mains voltage 100v 240v dimensions. Events in the universe are mapped to synthetic speech events allophones, tones and digital noise. Introduction analog modular system a100 dotphtr a100 is a modular analog synthesizer system but even if you have a lot of time, you should built in the style of the big modular systems of acquire some theoretical previous knowledge, the seventies. So it occured to me to build my own version of the doepfer a100 psu2. This item is sold asdescribed this item is sold asdescribed and cannot be returned unless it arrives in a condition different from how it was described or photographed. The doepfer basic system 1 p9 is a complete eurorack synthesizer that is supplied in a p9 eurorack suitcase the a100 basic systems are perfect entry level systems both for experienced and more novice modular users.

This vcos frequency range is about eight octaves ca. Aluminium 19 frame with 2 x 84hp place for modules. At the heart of the a100 basic system 1 is the dual a110 standard voltagecontrolled oscillators, accompanied by dual adsr and lfo modules. Holds up well against the newer euro cases, psu3 solves the issue of the older versions not having quite enough power available or no 5v from the psu2. Doepfer a100 pms 12 psu3, monster single compartment suitcase, 168hp 12u 230 4 x a100psu3.

It fits exactly where my previous psu2 was in my rack, same screw spacing etc. In every case the psu2 is recommended if the spring reverb module a199 has to be assembled into the frame as the spring reverb system is very sensitive to electrical hum noise. Since the launch of their a100 modular synth in the mid90s, doepfer have been quietly adding modules to the system, some fairly simple, others splendidly esoteric. A100 analog modular system accessories and spare parts. A1016 is a new filter module that uses socalled opto fets to control the filter frequency.

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